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Getting your FAA part 107 License

How difficult is it to get licensed to fly drones commercially?

This is the question that I asked myself when I was curious about getting into real estate photography.

Getting Started!

Getting to the exam that will allow you to start charging for you drone work is a long road with allot of studying, but is completely doable and I’m here to help guide you and maybe make it little easier and cheaper. This first thing I did was go to google and search “Part 107 practice test” and lets just say I had allot to learn. The final test requires a 70% or better to pass and move on to request your certification. So here's couple quick Tips to help you get there. Study a couple hours a day!

Understanding the topics!

There are multiple key topics that are in the test you need to learn like Regulations, Airspace classifications and operating Requirements, Weather, loading and performance, and operations. With there being this many subjects and each subject having allot of packed information in them. It’s best to learn each one at a time and fully understand them before moving to the next. It is very easy to get lost and confused in all this new information. The test will be divided into a certain percentage amount of each topic. - When I took the test I was expecting a certain amount of questions and I focused my knowledge on the higher percentage topics first and less on the topics that wouldn’t be asked as much… BAD IDEA. When I arrived and took the test, they had changed the test a few months before and I was asked more about stuff I didn’t study as much and hardly any questions about the topics I understood the most. LUCKILY I still passed with an 86%

Where did I get my information?

The best was to get up to date information ( because it can change frequently ) is to get it straight from the FAA website. All the material is the same for the most part. But there you will find what the test will be based on from most important to least. Do not pay for a study guide! When I first started looking I saw allot of websites offering full study guides and a guarantee a first try pass . I knew with how much information there is out there I wouldn’t need to take this route right away. Between the FAA website, Practice Tests, and Youtube. I learned everything I needed to pass the first time for FREE! Use the free practice tests to your advantage!

I found the method that helped me is I would use the practice tests to see what topics I was struggling with and not understanding most, then I would go back a re study that topic.

How to make sure you are ready!

Some Practice tests will explain the correct answer if you get it wrong or will give you the final results at the end and what you got wrong so you can go back and study those topics you don’t fully understand. I think what helped me the most is I did all the studying months ahead of time, but days before I was scheduled to take the final test,I went through it all again so it was fresh in my head ready for the next day exam. You’ve studied all the subjects and are ready to schedule the test!! They recommend at least 20-40 hours of studying to be ready for the exam. Once you have used the Practice tests available online and score at least a 90% each time, you should be ready for your final.

You're done studying. Now what?

You’ll need to make an account on the FAA IACRA , you will get a FAA tracking number. With that you will be able to make an account on the website where you will find the training facility near you . You will pick a time and date and pay for the exam up front.

On the exam day they will give you all the information and resources you will need . Bring your ID and leave everything else in your vehicle. Once you pass your test you will be given a paper with some information you will need to input in the IACRA website to have your certification completed. Congratulations! You now can use your drone to make you money and not get you in trouble while using it!

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