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How to Get Started with Your DSLR Camera

If you're like most people, you probably got a DSLR camera for a special occasion like a wedding or a vacation. But now that the event is over, your camera is collecting dust on a shelf. It's time to take it down and start taking some amazing pictures!

Don't be intimidated by all the settings on your camera. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the basics of getting started with your DSLR so that you can start taking beautiful photos in no time.

1. Set the Mode Dial to "Auto"

When you first pick up your DSLR camera, it can be overwhelming all of the different mode options available. But don't worry, we're going to start with the easiest mode first: auto. Set your mode dial to "Auto" and This means that the camera will make all the decisions for you, from shutter speed to aperture to ISO. All you need to do is point and shoot!

2. Set Your Resolution

Now that your camera is in auto mode, it's time to set your resolution. This is how many megapixels (or million pixels) your photo will be. The higher the resolution, the larger the file size, and the better quality your photo will be. If you plan on printing your photos or viewing them on a large screen, we recommend setting your resolution to at least 14 megapixels. But if you're just posting them online, 12 megapixels will do just fine.

3. Frame Your Subject

Now that you've got your camera in auto mode and your resolution set, it's time to take some pictures! The first thing you need to do is frame your subject. This means using the viewfinder or LCD screen on the back of your camera to center your subject in the frame. Once you've got them centered, half-press the shutter button to focus on their face (or their eyes if they're a person). Then, once they're in focus, fully press the shutter button to take the picture!

4. Review Your Photo

Once you've taken a few pictures, it's time to review them and see how they turned out. To do this, simply scroll through them using the arrow keys on your camera or by swiping them on the LCD screen (if your camera has one). If you see a photo that you like and want to keep, simply press the "play" button or select "ok." However, if there's a photo that didn't turn out quite how you wanted it too, simply select "delete" and try again! Rinse and repeat until you've got some photos that you're happy with :)

5. Download Your Photos

The last step is downloading your photos onto your computer so that you can edit them (if desired) and print them out or post them online for family and friends to see! To download your photos, simply connect one end of the USB cable into your camera and then connect the other end into an available USB port on your computer. Once it's connected, turn on your camera and wait for it to appear as a drive on your computer (it should show up as an empty folder). Then open up that folder and drag-and-drop all of the photos that you want onto your computer. That's it! You're done!

With these five easy steps, anyone can start taking great photos with their DSLR camera--no experience necessary! So pull yours out of storage and give it a try today; we guarantee you'll be surprised at how much fun you have!

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