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Why hire a Professional Photographer?


Hiring a good photographer has so many positives like having great images on your website, Capturing once in a lifetime events like engagements or your wedding day. Even capturing pictures of your loved ones or newborns and their years growing up. They will make sure your images are perfectly captured as if you were there again, and beautifully edited. But that still leaves questions open like.....

Why hire and pay someone to take pictures when I can do it myself with my phone?

As easy as it may be to whip out your phone and capture a moment at the time, and that will work some of the time. Its important to have High Quality images important moments in your life. It allows businesses to be able to show off their work or products too in a clear nice looking manner. Its nearly impossible to blow up a Phone picture and make out what the picture was. Photographers spend allot of money on equipment to make sure you get the highest quality images to remember those important moments.

What's the difference between the Camera a Professional uses and my Phone.

There are a wide variety of differences in a DSLR / Mirrorless camera vs your phone.

The most noticeable thing is the sensor size, as a phone is forces to be very small compared to a DSLR camera

smartphones have something like a 48 megapixel sensor say , but it measures less than 5mm, Which makes your 48 million pixels only 0.8 microns. Where a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a 48 megapixel sensor, the pixel size is allot bigger.

This allows you to blow up pictures to bigger sized then what's just viewed on your phone and still have a high quality image without distortion or pixilation.

Expensive equipment

Photographers spend ALLOT of money on the equipment it takes to make amazing images. Thinks like

- Camera Body

- Wide variety of Lenses

- Camera Flashes, Tripods, lighting modifiers, Battery packs

- Editing software and training to learn the software

- Memory devices, Laptop or computer.

- Other equipment like Drones, 3D cameras, Underwater gear..ect

Experienced and Amazing editing and retouching skills!

Your photographer you choose will be able to edit the images captured to make a dull and wet day look like the nicest day ever! This is done allot in Real Estate pictures, and is why you will hardly see any pictures of a house on a rainy or dark day.

Being able to edit out messy hair or issues or distractions that may of happened on the shoot day is nearly impossible with a phone, but with photoshop and allot of editing software's out there now you can remove pretty much anything from an image if it shouldn't be there

Photographers spend hours and hours learning new editing techniques and find a style that suites them to make your images stand out and look AMAZING! This also will help you pick out the photographer you want to work with because usually photographers will have a style they stick too. This will be talked about a little later.

They know what to look for and how to make a great picture

A professional photographer is thinking about thing like the lighting, contrast, color, lines and composition. Time of day is a big factor in pictures as well, the proper lighting is key to having a quality picture and how to place a subject to make sure they stand out in the image and not having too many distracting objects in the background. Making sure you're focuses on the subject and subject only.

How can I find a professional photographer in my area?

The best way to find a local Photographer near you may be Google. Searching for ( Your state ) Best photographers will pull up the best rated photographers in your area. This will allow you to see multiple peoples style fast and see if it fits what you are looking for or if it just catches your eye.

Another great way to locate a good photographer is to ask friends and family. More then likely someone you know has had their picture taken by a professional. They may be able to show you what quality of work they did with them and see if you like their style.

We hoped this helped!

Hopefully in finding the right time to use a professional photographer is more clear to you now and knowing that cell phone pictures can be good when trying to capture spur of the moment events. But anything important in your life we hope you would reach out to a professional photographer to capture the moment to its greatest potential!

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